Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Featured seller on Luv Handmade!

Imagine my surprise, to wake up and find out that not only am I the featured seller for today, but I get to stay up on display until 10pm tomorrow night!
Check out this wonderfully neat-o site often, as the featured sellers and their designs change often:

A little about the site from the authors themselves:
"LuvHandmade was created to help promote artisans and crafter's who are trying to sell their handmade crafts online! We know how hard it is to get your handmade items out in front of your target audience so we are here to help by providing low cost advertising solutions as well as free advertising daily in our Unique Discoveries section!

Each day we showcase a sellers items on the front page!
Each day we display 12 different sellers items on the Unique Discoveries page!
And weekly we showcase a Spotlight Seller here are LuvHandmade - includes a fun interview!

We have many features to come and we hope to provide a fun and interesting Handmade website for our guests! We want our readers to enjoy what we have to offer and for our buyers and sellers to keep coming back to see whats new here at LuvHandmade!"

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