Sunday, July 21, 2013

new hoodie design.

I am over the moon about this new collection of hoodies in the works!
Constructed from super comfy french terry, and complete with breast pocket for your little necessities.
Two additional color schemes in the excited to be thinking about a new fall collection!  

Friday, November 23, 2012

a gown for project handmade.

dusted periwinkle gown.
paul lewis anderson photography.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a recycled skirt for Lanni

A handful of weeks ago I was commissioned by Lanni--the lovely etsy seller behind fashionREdesign to create a look that honors her design philosophy.  (Check out her shop! fashionREdesign)
Our project was to create the Preppy Gets Edgy wrap skirt--in its recycled form.  Lanni honors her sustainable fashion ethics full time--and I'm so delighted I get to help.  Its not as easy as you'd think to be a conscious fashionista...
I ended up finding enough materials from my pile of donated clothes and one lucky thrift-store-score to make this skirt fully recycled/reused except for the 4 little snaps and closure clasps.

Starting materials:
charcoal grey simple shift dress and matching house coat
floral print, sleeveless summer dress
cotton floral long sleeved tunic

After a good washing, everything was ready to be cut into the pattern pieces.  The floral lining was the hardest to assemble--and I ended up using almost 100% of of my materials.  Well...except for the shoulder pads on the housecoat.  

The dark grey on the outside was actually easy to assemble since I had enough fabric to piece together.  The dress/housecoat combo was xxl and in good condition.  No tears or blemishes to work around...lucky me!
The finished product. 
The inside liner tells its own story...I love it!  There are a few seams throughout the skirt--from where the fabric was pieced together in the pattern stage--that Lanni can use to prove to people that her skirt is recycled/sustainable fashion.  But other than that the skirt looks chic and brand new!

and with her Penny Tank from last month's promotion.  Bangin!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sew Moe customer loyalty discount :: 30% off your third order!

use coupon code: beesknees3 with your third order and save 30%.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Copper is so en vogue this month...
I'm bringin' pennies back in style.  
Yup--a 20 cent custom tank...choose your colors--free shipping!
These tanks are a great addition to any wardrobe.  
A modern twist to a simple classic look.
Great layered, or on its own, these tanks are built for a long life of wash and wear.  
Be as active or as lazy as you wanna--functional fashion at its best!
Visit my shop to get physical:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

just in time for mother's day...

A design to the liking of nursing moms everywhere.

Commissioned by the lovely Heidi of South Dakota, this design adaptation can now be added to any sew moe hoodie, tshirt, or tank.
Upgrade for an additional $15--easy access nursing tops! 
Four functional buttons extend down each side of the collar and underarms to create a top that can either open fully from the bust, or just fold down on one side.
Simply purchase this upgrade listing--along with the design of your choosing from my etsy shop--and there you go!

Custom easy-access and mommy love!

Monday, April 23, 2012

studio spaces and things you might not know.

 Its hard to say that spring has officially hit appalachia--with flurries and temperatures in the 30's on our forecast--but its true!  I already have tan lines from epic dog walks, mowing the lawn, and some serious porch pimpin (gangsta' lingo courtesy of my Boo).  My tom's tan is already in full affect (if you don't know me and the brand of shoes that should just sponsor me already: and I've gone weeks without driving my truck.  (also, if you don't know: cold weather + moe = a variety of amazing and quite creative excuses to not ride my bike)
Last week I finally took all the plastic down from the studio and can fully enjoy the large amount of space I actually have again.  My studio is in an old converted warehouse building and the seasons are pretty harsh--ice box in the winter/sweatshop in the summer kind of climate.  I don't mind the sweatshop, as I'm convinced my past lives must have been spent toiling away in the Sahara somewhere, but the cold is a whole 'nother beast.  I made a plastic box of sorts around my sewing table to keep the space heater's warmth in--which in turn became an interesting experiment in sensory depravation.  (I'm glad its over--thats all I'm going to say about it.)
Now that my work environment has opened up, I've been daydreaming about ways to bring the outside in--and general upgrades I'd like to make to my space.  Also--my worker elves might finally arrive if I give them something to enjoy whilst taking a break.
Mini terrariums everywhere:

a classy bike rack:
you have no idea how many spools of thread I could fit on this shelf:
Lighting, lighting, everywhere.  More!!

sophisticated art:

this is actually wall paper!  I'd like to have multiple photo-booths set up for product shots--I really like the rustic feel of this:

and of course it would all be contained in this space...
always with my head in the clouds...

to give credit where credit is due, find the sources of my inspirations via pintrest: 
on my board titled 'studio spaces'

Thursday, April 5, 2012

new new

April brings a new season's collection and a new website to boot!
Check it out if you haven't already:

I'm super excited about this summer's collection--shorts, tanks, dress shirts, and skirts.  I've been inspired by the retro classics I could never quite find at the thrift store.  In just the right fabric, or with just the right edge...

Go see it for yourself!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

carrie and alex

A few sweet pictures from Carrie and Alex's union by the sea.
Blessed with perfect weather and a gaggle of friends and family--
they were wed on the coast this past summer.
I was honored to make the dress for such a beautiful bride...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

the well seasoned designer.

In celebration of my glorious birthday month of March--
buy any sew moe design and get an additional item from the shop at 33% off.

Why 33?
Well...lets just say that this number quantifies an upcoming, most spectacular, 33rd year for yours truly!
To attend my party, simply log onto etsy (
message me the details (ex: a hoodie plus...a tshirt),
and I'll set up a bundled listing for you.
It'll be fun. Trust me. Girl, this party will be off the chain! xoxoxoxoxo.