Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Project Runway and the runaway audition...

As some of you may know, I auditioned to be on season 7 of the reality show Project Runway. 
The auditions were held in steamy Atlanta this past Friday and quite the experience was had by yours truly!  
Lets start out by stating, that I will not be a contestant on the show.  The judges seemed astonished about many things, and were confused about my design aesthetic completely. Halfway through the interview I wondered why the judges were being so catty and biting, and then I remembered...this was an audition for a nationally celebrated television series, and I was the star of a very embarrassing moment!   
I can say I learned a number of things about myself and the reality of Reality Television.
Some of the highlights of what I've learned:
 1. I am able to support myself on the sales of my clothing without offending people or making them feel bad.  This apparently is not the path everyone takes.  If I want my business to grow sustainably and organically I have to do it at my own pace, and this is okay.
2.  Tim Gunn is not a SewMoe fan.  In fact, none of the judges are.  
3.  I have the power to make Tim Gunn turn bright red, and while shaking his head say only the following:  "No, no, no...I'm going to have to say No."
4.  Even though the televised show is full of constructive criticism, the judges are not obliged to offer anything constructive during the audition process.  Yes, it may have been naive of me to think that advice may be coming my way.  I think maybe when Tim Gunn asked why I didn't go to design school, he was attempting to give me a hint....?  
5.  I don't regret not going to design school.
6.  Signing a network television waiver means that your most embarrassing moment ever is potentially going to be aired on the Lifetime network for millions to see...and that you are at the mercy of whomever edits the clips.  Maybe such highlights as "Who would wear this?!" or "What kind of job would they have?!" will make it on the show.
7.  I am a strong person who can act like a mature adult even when being laughed at by famous people.
8.  I still believe in myself and my work as a designer...and that whole Project Runway thing is just not me.

So yes, I am excited to watch the new season and I hope my blushing face doesn't make it to the blooper reel of season 7.  
I will wish all the designers the best of luck from my living room, and will maybe even shed a tear for the designers who feel they have unfairly been cut.  I will probably laugh at the judges' snarky comments too...after all it is reality television!  

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  1. moe, you rock! i'd wear your clothes to work any day!!!!!!!