Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sneak Peek::Spring/Summer 2010 catalog::Sneak Peek!

Getting ready for the catalog shoot in Santa Cruz March 11th. We've got a few awesome locations lined up and fingers crossed, the weather will be perfect. I'm super excited to see old friends again and kick off my 31st birthday vacation!
Here's a quick peek into what's new for Summer 2010 from Sew Moe.
(the last dress design is still in the works and not pictured...always gotta save something for the last minute!)
::Stay tuned for the official launch::

Sailor Tshirts...available in olive, chocolate brown, grey, and black. Floral print lining, with handmade ceramic buttons from the studio of Sarah Danforth (buttons not pictured...yet!)

Jersey pocket dresses, available in black and rust.

Pleated bib dress...eyelet lace detail, braided straps, full circle skirt, and hidden pockets!
Also available in navy/peach combo.

Layered stripe dress...braided back, slimming layers, flapper pleats.
Available in black/tan combo as well.

Navy Prairie old favorite back again. This time available in navy and plum.

Simple Tshirt...available in grey, olive, chocolate, and black.
Ruffle tail skirt. Wear it high waisted or folded down around your hips. Available with grey or olive lining.

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