Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sew Moe earth day sale...20% off!

Greetings and salutations, my friends.
Yes, I know its been many-a-moon since I last posted but alas--here we are. Things have been busy Over Yonder the past few months. Drumroll: We have a new studio with twice the space! And twice the windows!! (Which means the world to this lil' daydreamer over here.) Our view even provides one steep grassy hill, a few trees, and the occasional wildlife sighting. And when I say wildlife, I really mean hawks and groundhogs but hey--I'm not picky.

My love and ever-resourceful companion, Ben Morrison, built a mighty-fine loft which has made my workspace worlds better. It really opened up a lot of work area for me--as well as a small display/retail space for client consultations and events like Studio Stroll.
Ooooh, and it feels incredibly liberating to not be cramped and swallowed by your materials.
Fifteen feet of organized fabric storage up top--complete with a napping perch for those extra long days. I haven't had to take a nap yet but I've spent a handful of 10 minute breaks up there--its quite a sweet perch, trust me.
Incidentally Ben is excited and willing to embark on future carpentry/building projects so if anyone in the Asheville area needs work done send me a line for his contact info. He comes recommended and endorsed by Sew Moe!

Its hard to believe its already the end of April, and with that comes Earth Day. As cliche as it sounds, I personally think every day should be earth day, but a recognized day of celebration is always right by me.
So whoo-hoo!! Its time for my shop's second annual Earth Day Sale!
enjoy and until next time....xoxoxoxoxo

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