Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Congratulations!! It's a photo contest!

Sew Moe's first online contest!
I'm looking for one winning photo to visualize my August promotion. Without giving too much away, next month brings a formal 'thank you' to Australia for all its support to Sew Moe this year. For one reason or another, the Aussie ladies have been floating my boat these past seasons and we will be tooting their horn next month in a show of thanks and appreciation.
Now back to the photo...I need a photo!
Please send me a picture--either from your own collection or found on the internet--that evokes this phrase:
australian beauties
it can be historic, ironic, sentimental, flashy, photoshopped--just appropriate to the theme.
Winner gets a custom handmade Tshirt, bragging rights, and international Sew Moe fame as the winner. Everyone loves a winner!

Your future Tshirt:
Custom fit...$37 value. Choose from many-a-color!

To enter, send your photo to
Subject: photo contest.
Contest closes July 29th.
Winner announced August 1st as the launch of my aussie promotion.
Good luck!
xoxoxox moe

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