Saturday, November 19, 2011


OOOOhh we've almost made it...
Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend!
yayayayaa sew moe is going on sale, baby!!

Think storewide savings...think 30% off everything...think OMG where is my flippin' wallet?
And as a special teaser
(you know how I love to play)
all things black within my shop are on sale 30% off for the entire week. Forget waiting till the weekend!

Come Black Friday morning (11/25th) everything gets marked down for 4 glorious days until the end of Cyber Monday--but for 8 entire days everything black in my store will be on SALE.

Get ahead of the weekend and paint the town black.
All of it.
And save some money while you're at it. dang!

xoxoxoxo moe

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