Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last minute moe style!

The holidays create an interesting rush of traffic--mostly happy, some a little frazzled, and a few too demanding--but the main question is always:
"Will it get here in time for Christmas?!"
Anyone who spends much time shipping knows they do NOT want to hand over their good reputation to the busy hands of the postal service during one of the most crazy shipping holidays of the year.
Not to mention the tears on Christmas morning when Sally doesn't get her infinity scarf!!
Sooooo...the introduction of the printable gift announcement and coupon!

From now until Christmas morning, all last minute Sew Moe purchases will come with the coupon above for your printing pleasure! Ask me for ideas on clever ways to print it and gift it to your lucky recipient. And before you know it, they will get their package in the mail--for Christmas part 2!

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