Sunday, February 12, 2012

the art of daydreaming...short stories and birthdays.

ahhh, yes--its that time again!
Time to hit the ground running (with scissors no less) and embark on a new summer's journey. In the next upcoming weeks, I'm hoping to complete and unleash a new season of sew moe. The goal is to have it launched by my sweet lil' birthday.
(ahem...March 18th: I will be accepting candy, flowers, and presents)
And brace yourselves, moe is going to make shorts this year!
After an inspiring chat with my Love's mother, we've decided its time:
I'm delighted to announce that 2012 will be the year of the shorts.
Now, some of you know me well enough to know that these won't be your average shorts.
No ma'am! There will be deep pockets. There will be herringbone (this obsession is not over yet!) There might be denim. And certainly belt loops--nice big sturdy ones--shaped like chevrons. Full zip front (this part is not so exciting for me--the seamstress) heavy duty, fashion-meets-function shorts.
Stay tuned!

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