Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a recycled skirt for Lanni

A handful of weeks ago I was commissioned by Lanni--the lovely etsy seller behind fashionREdesign to create a look that honors her design philosophy.  (Check out her shop! fashionREdesign)
Our project was to create the Preppy Gets Edgy wrap skirt--in its recycled form.  Lanni honors her sustainable fashion ethics full time--and I'm so delighted I get to help.  Its not as easy as you'd think to be a conscious fashionista...
I ended up finding enough materials from my pile of donated clothes and one lucky thrift-store-score to make this skirt fully recycled/reused except for the 4 little snaps and closure clasps.

Starting materials:
charcoal grey simple shift dress and matching house coat
floral print, sleeveless summer dress
cotton floral long sleeved tunic

After a good washing, everything was ready to be cut into the pattern pieces.  The floral lining was the hardest to assemble--and I ended up using almost 100% of of my materials.  Well...except for the shoulder pads on the housecoat.  

The dark grey on the outside was actually easy to assemble since I had enough fabric to piece together.  The dress/housecoat combo was xxl and in good condition.  No tears or blemishes to work around...lucky me!
The finished product. 
The inside liner tells its own story...I love it!  There are a few seams throughout the skirt--from where the fabric was pieced together in the pattern stage--that Lanni can use to prove to people that her skirt is recycled/sustainable fashion.  But other than that the skirt looks chic and brand new!

and with her Penny Tank from last month's promotion.  Bangin!

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