Thursday, April 2, 2009

As the bobbin turns...

     Following the launch of my spring/summer '09 catalog, I have received a lot of great feedback and sales (fingers crossed they keep up!) 
One of the most enjoyable aspects I've found so far about the catalog is the structure and efficiency it has given to my business.  As I perfect each design, I am able to throw in a twist or two and come up with new adaptations...expanding my catalog as the season develops.  
Here are some examples of new styles that hatched out of an original catalog design:

This new Tshirt features an elliptical vent in the back.  Contrasting fabrics line the inside offering glimpses of color as the wearer moves about.

These two adaptions of the very popular Spring Love sweater feature a lightweight sweater knit and 3/4 sleeves...customers can choose the collar fabric, or to have a peek-a-boo lining affect!

Ruffle tops...with buttons!  This style plays on my original Tshirt design.  A ruffle cascades down the front and around the back collar.  These buttons are from my collection of vintage and salvaged finds, so each shirt comes with its own story.

Simple grey jersey Tshirts (short flutter sleeves or 3/4 sleeves) simple and soft as can be!  
The 3/4 sleeved version is named after the customer who first requested it.  It is fondly named the Holland Tshirt after a lovely lady named Holland from San Francisco.  

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