Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sailor Tshirts have arrived after a long journey...

Fresh in...Sailor Tshirts. Get your paws ready.
I've been working for quite some time on the process of sourcing production for this particular Tshirt design. It has been a bit of a journey on choppy seas, but I'm very excited to announce the official Sailor Tshirt landfall onto the shores of Sew Moe! It was a delight to work with Opportunity Threads and local artist Sarah Danforth for this endeavor. Sarah is responsible for the beautiful ceramic buttons (http://sarahdanforthceramics.blogspot.com/) while Opportunity Threads provided the locally sourced production.
Visit the Honeypot, the Woolworth Walk, and the Big Crafty within the next few weeks to catch their arrival. Also available at MyMy in Doylestown PA and in my ETSY online store. Or stop by the studio sometime...828.301.1457 for an appointment.
Come see them in person. Try one on, fall in love, and get sassy about town. Available in
small, medium, and large--in black, grey, olive, and chocolate.

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