Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project Reconstruction :: VivaLaModa fashion magazine

For VivaLaModa's May issue, 12 designers were chosen to participate in "Project Reconstruction" and my dress was one of the selected few!
Voters decide who wins a fashion spread in the June issue.
One lucky voter (selected at random) gets to choose a design to keep, and the remaining designs will be auctioned on ebay with the money donated to CARE--Emergency in Haiti.

Each designer had to start with at least one men's dress shirt to create something new and original. Check it out for yourself (and vote):
The contest starts on page 19...

(You can also go directly to the voter poll. My design is labeled as "Appetite for Reconstruction" by Melissa Donnelly.

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  1. I saw your design in VivaLaModa and really like your work - very unique and cool! Voted for you and wish you good luck:)
    Loving your blog as well - so inspiring!