Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drumroll please...

Thanks to everyone who entered last month's photo contest!
For the chance to win a free sew moe Tshirt, I asked for images relating to the theme of 'Australian Beauties' to gear up for August's promotion--and I'm delighted to announce our winner:

Titled Christmas on Bondi Beach, Ashby found this delightful image on Vintage Venus. Worth checking out for yourself--this blog is full of vintage Australian images and photographs. I particularly liked Ashby's choice and the ensuing daydream of having my own Australian beach holiday. Just look at that spread! And the bathing suits. Yes please!!
Its a perfect match for this month's promotion:
August in Australia Sale: the Sweet Seventeen dollar Sweater!

Congratulations, Ashby! And enjoy your free sew moe custom Tshirt...
xoxoxox moe

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