Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You could still take me to Paris in October--SALE SALE SALE SALE!

October 1st starts an exciting month for Sew Moe...its a whole new studio!
I'm moving into a much larger space in the River Arts District--into Riverview Station.
Its not too far from the old haunt--actually closer to home (no excuses not to ride ye ole bike!)--sandwiched between the railroad tracks and our little scenic river. I'll still be surrounded by artists of all kinds, and this winter the studio will actually have a heating option.
Say what???
Yes, my dearies. No more double jacket/double space-heater action for Sew Moe. Though I do suspect Miss Frozen Toes (aka...me) will still have one space heater. But only one!!

So to start the celebration into a new home and cozy style, I present to you TWO promotions this October. Ahem...

1. the Take Me To Paris Cardigan at 40% off!!! Normally priced $137, on SALE for $82.20. Save almost 55 bucks and help me get this cardigan in your hometown.
Come by the shop for more details:

2. And back by popular demand! The Sweet Seventeen dollar Sweater--Eligible with any purchase.
In case you forgot...this is the sweater:

Initially a promotion to thank Australia for all the support she's given Sew Moe this year--I'd like to start the holiday shopping season with a flurry of sweater knit and buttons.
No one can argue against a good deal on these lightweight classic sweaters--a good bonus gift for you or the one you love.

xoxoxoxox moe

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