Sunday, November 6, 2011

November--week 2. Sew Moe's rotating promotions of November brings you the 30% off hoodie.

Daylight Savings Time has officially happened once again.
It's great for the mornings, sure--but alas my little chickadees--it's getting dark earlier and earlier these days. It's always hard for me to admit the beginning of winter, but give me something new and sweatery to wear and well...I'll hush up fast!
My current favorite thing to do is 'borrow' or more appropriate 'hold hostage' my Love's bulky winter wear. But now that he's actually starting to feel the chill (I was weeks early!), my adoration of his fresh wears is starting to loose its charm. For him. I still think his flannel shirts are the warmest things in the house and the absolute bee's knees--but yes, I will be a mature girlfriend and start wearing my own clothes again. shooooooooot...
So I'm saying this to you--and myself:
Its time to bundle up against the cold (in your own dang clothes) and get out there and enjoy the season's change.
This week ONLY--sew moe hoodies on sale 30% off.

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