Sunday, October 30, 2011

November, November--a month to remember!

(feather painting by amber alexander)

The month of November brings many exciting new deals to the Sew Moe shop.
One per week, to be exact!
And...wait for it...there's 5 weeks this month.
We're working on a Monday-Sunday basis so stay tuned at the end of each week for info on the newest deal to come. knew I'd wanna to keep you on your toes! One can't just throw out the champagne with the cork. tisk tisk!
But here's a few (obvious) hints since I'm feeling rather cheeky and sneaky this halloween:
week 1...see below. A pick from a reliable source.
week 2 we celebrate how cold it officially is with an awesome discount on your favorite hooded sweatshirt.
week 3 we celebrate how warm we wish it was with a super sweet BOGO offer.
week 4 we observe Black Friday and the official start of holiday shopping season with bangin' deals on all things black.
week 5 brings Cyber Monday and well, I'd never reveal that secret and spoil all the fun!

And here we go.
Week 1:
Tuesday marks the 'official' birthday of my lil' buddy and partner in crime, the one and only, Mr. Dakota Delmar Donnelly.He will be turning 12! I've had him since he was 4 months old, so me and this guy go waaaaaay back. And he told me, he'd like to give the people of the world free shipping. But he was very specific about it lasting only a week. Cause we've got other deals to smell and different treats to find. And the mailman really pisses him off. (duh.)
Free Shipping on any purchase! Domestic AND International. This week only!

A pretty sweet deal, I must say! But you're worth it.
All shipping fees will be removed from my Etsy listings come the morning of November 1st until the evening of the 6th. Its true!
Also important to note, because I'm working on a 4-6 week production turnaround, November 10th marks the last day for your purchases to arrive before Christmas (Domestic USPS only). See my store policies for more details--but this year you have the option of purchasing a 25% shipping/production upgrade fee to get your orders out in time.
Please see my shipping policies for more details:

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