Thursday, April 5, 2012

new new

April brings a new season's collection and a new website to boot!
Check it out if you haven't already:

I'm super excited about this summer's collection--shorts, tanks, dress shirts, and skirts.  I've been inspired by the retro classics I could never quite find at the thrift store.  In just the right fabric, or with just the right edge...

Go see it for yourself!


  1. Always love your stuff. Who did your new website?

    1. Hey Elissa...sorry its taken me months to get back to you. :)
      Heidi Gruner did my website. She's awesome!

    2. Great design! I know there are many handmede dresses in the shop shesprom, maybe you will like it.

  2. I really like the looks of these clothes. Having a custom look sets a tone for the day. I wish i could get my hands on some.
    Cynthia | |