Thursday, October 6, 2011

custom Better Than Your Boyfriend's cardigan--the saga continues.

the Molly:
 the Leoni and Irene...bffs.
 the Adreanna:
 the Anna J:
 the Dixie:

the Rebecca:
the Kayla:

the Beth:

the Molly:

the Carol:

the Lori:
the Kelly:

the Dani:

the Ciara:

the Sarah:

the Amishi pt 2:

the Jordana:

the Mrs. Simpson:

the Donna:

the Amishi:

the emily of chattanooga:

the miss meghan doyle:

the renae:

the ashleigh:

the tara:

the natalie:

the loa: 

the tegan:

the shannon:

the lynne:

the melinda:

the winter:

the jessica:

the jean:

 the erica:

the brandy:

the anika:

the marlene:

the clara:

the christine:

the julie:

the jodene:

the melissa:

the annie:

the nancy:

the heather:

the ashley:
(organic cotton sweatshirt and grey thermal/waffle knit liner)

one for julie's friend:

the thuy:

the mckenzie:

the secil:

the jill:

the katie:

the sarah:

the helene:
(all different colored buttons, as requested!)

the marie:

the stacey: